- Music

Do you listen to this the same way you listen to music?

In 2005, I graduated with a Ph.D. in Music Composition from the University at Buffalo, where I studied with Cort Lippe. My dissertation project No Clergy allows the audience to influence the performance of a piece of music while the performance is still going on. Read more about No Clergy at I'm afraid this project has suffered since I started my book Ruby By Example for No Starch Press.

I made heavy use of automatic notation generation in No Clergy via the GNU Lilypond program, and wrote an article called Generating Music Notation in Real Time about the process for the Dec 2004 issue of Linux Journal.

I have some of my music online at The September Question, the band I am in with my good friend Jason Crane. Look for audio files in ogg vorbis format, as well as PDF scores.

I also play an amplified string instrument called The Stick.

Am I the only person who thinks that Songs from the Labyrinth could have been appropriate music within a film version of V for Vendetta? (Not necessarily the Wachowskis' otherwise fine adaptation.)