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Jenn and Kevin in Malibu

I got married in June 2006 to Jennifer Cornish, the lovely woman in the picture with me. That's us on vacation in Malibu, CA. Sadly, we learned later that day that the area had been hit by quite serious fires in which several homes were damaged or destroyed.

I Work with Rails at

Kevin as a Simpsons avatarThe choice of backdrop for this photo was intended ironically. Jenn and I are both atheists / secular humanists / scientific naturalists. We try to play nicely with our theist friends, and don't bite. I do invite anyone curious about both the philosophy and psychology of religion to examine The Invisible Pink Unicorn.

I'd like to thank the folks at The Simpsons for allowing us all to make avatars of ourselves at The Simpsons movie site.

I periodically donate my hair to an organization called Wigs for Kids. If you are able to grow your hair to a length of 12 inches, you may also be able to help.

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